Alping Group, Inc.

  • We have OSHA approved processes for sanitizing bio-hazardous premises.
  • We are experts in mold remediation with a proven record.
  • We are equipped and trained to handle crime scenes and death related cleanups.
  • We take unsanitary premises and make them safe again.

It takes special training to deal with biohazardous materials that may present themselves for a number of reasons. For example, a common issue for landlords is how to deal with a death that's discovered days or weeks after the occurrence. Body fluids and gases can contaminate a good portion of the dwelling; therefore all surfaces must be decontaminated, sanitized, and deodorized professionally in order to provide a safe unit and avoid possible liability. OSHA and the local Health Department have set forth guidelines for such restoration. Alpine Group, Inc. is fully trained and has gone the extra step to certify our process with OSHA. We respond to natural death clean-up, suicide, crime scenes and mold.

Alping Group, Inc.- Mold & Trauma